Our Story

Our story Krishna Food

From humble beginnings to hundreds of grumbling bellies.

Starting from the simple intention of reaching Victoria University’s hungry students, Krishna Food astonishingly enough used to be just a small outdoor table on campus serving our classic Krishna Plate.

Fast Forward over 15 years from our humble beginnings in 2005, we would have never guessed that we would have our own cafe on Kelburn Campus serving out hundreds of plates to hundreds of students daily. Having expanded our delicious menu, friendly staff, locations and deliveries, we now have the amazing opportunity to continue our goal of filling the grumbling bellies of Wellington with tasty affordable plant-based food.

Our menu

Where it all began

Our famous Krishna plate since 2005

Fluffy basmati rice, hearty and flavoursome curry, fresh mesculin salad, and sweet halava pudding.

Our Catering

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